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What is Startup India?

Government of India has Introduced Startup India scheme in 2015.

There are more than 20000 recognised startup in India.

Who can register for startup India Scheme?

  1. Private Limited Company or LLP or Registered Partnership Firm
  2. Age 10 years or less
  3. Turnover < 100 Crores

Steps to register startup India Scheme

  1. Incorporate your business
  2. Sign up with startup india website
  3. Upload required documents
  4. Self certified documents for conditions criteria
  5. Get recognition number

Benefits of getting your Startup Recognised with Startup India Scheme.

  • Self certification would be sufficient for 9 Environmental & Labour Law.
  • Guaranteed funds through National Credit Guarantee Trust or SIDBI over 4 years.
  • Easy exit/ winding up procedure (within 90 days).
  • Startups in manufacturing are exempted from “turnover”/“Experience” criteria for applying government TENDERS.
  • GNo inspection for 3 years regarding labour laws.
  • 80% rebate on patent cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

My entity does not have a PAN. Would I be allowed to register it as a ‘Startup’ on the Startup India portal?

Yes, an entity without a PAN can be registered as a Startup on our website. However, it is advised that a valid PAN of the entity is provided at the time of registration

Would a One Person Company be eligible to avail benefits under the Startup India initiative?

Yes. One Person Companies are eligible to avail benefits under the Startup India initiative.

Can a foreigner enter into partnership under the LLP Act and get that LLP registered with Startup India?

Yes, a foreign national can enter into partnership under the LLP Act and get that LLP registered on our website. It can even get recognised by the DIPP.

What is the time-frame for obtaining certificate of recognition as a ‘Startup’ in case an entity already exists?

The certificate of recognition is issued typically within 2 working days upon successful submission of the application.

If my startup gets recognised, would I obtain a certificate for it? If yes, would I be able to download the certificate?

Yes, if your startup gets recognised, you would be able to download a system generated verifiable certificate of recognition.

How would the Inter-Ministerial Board review the applications received for the purpose of tax exemption?

The Board shall review the supporting document(s) provided to ascertain if the entity qualifies as an eligible business for availing tax.

What is the time-frame for obtaining certification of Inter-Ministerial Board for availing tax exemption post successful application?

The Inter- Ministerial Board meeting typical takes place once a month. The cases in the meeting are processed in a serial order. The communication regarding the decision is sent to the registered email address of the Startup. To regularly follow updates of the IMB meetings, you may refer to the IMB notifications on our website by clicking here.

If a startup has applied for DIPP-recognition and the application gets rejected or marked incomplete due to missing documents or insufficient information, should the startup edit the existing application or submit a new one?

If the application for recognition has been marked incomplete, the startup needs to follow the given steps:

  1. Log in with their startup credentials on
  2. Select ‘Recognition and Tax Exemption’ button on the right panel
  3. Select the ‘Edit Application’ button and proceed with completing your application

If the application has been marked ‘Incomplete’ thrice, the application is rejected.

  • Rejected applications cannot be edited, and a new application can be submitted after three months from the date of communication of the rejection email.