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Outsource your Accounting to experts and
save upto @ Rs 10,000/- p.m

Free Accounting Software for your PC

In this competitive market if you even hire a part time accountant he/she will take upto Rs 10,000 per month + Conveyance charges
You will also need to Install expensive Accounting software which can cost you upto Rs 20,000/-

So how can you save on this cost?

You can simply outsource your 100% accounting to us at Setup Startup
We have a bunch of Accountants dedicated to your work who are supervised by Chartered Accountants.

What is the process followed?

  1. Every month end you share the bank statement, expense invoices which you have received and the invoices which you have raised on clients.
  2. Your manager complete the book keeping entries in Tally. He sends the same for your review.
  3. Once you approve it, we calculate your GST and TDS and forward it to tax filing team.

We Prepare the following:

Profit and Loss Account
Fixed Assets Schedule
Stock Summary
Debtors and Creditors Ledger
Other Ledger Accounts

Other statements which we provide

  • Half yearly Cash flow statements
  • Half yearly fund flow statements
  • Progress Reports

Following Transactions are involved in Accounting/ Book keeping

  1. Recording of invoices issued for goods sold or services provided to clients
  2. Recording receipts from customers
  3. Verifying and recording invoices from suppliers
  4. Recording Fixed Assets
  5. Recording and monitoring asset depreciation and other adjusting entries
  6. Generating and providing financial reports
  7. Expense payments to suppliers
  8. Loan payments

Book Keeping Packages

Upto 50 transactions per month Rs 1000/month
50-100 transactions per month Rs 2000/ month

Advantages of outsourcing Accounting to us:

  • You save 80% of your accounting cost
  • Dedicated Accounant to solve your querry
  • Review by Chartered Accountant
  • Timely Compliance of GST and TDS by professionals
  • You get access to the Accounting software without any additional cost

Accounting Software used : Tally