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What all is included in AMC compliance for Private Limited company?

AMC compliance includes all the compliance related to MCA viz

Service Duration
Declaration for Commencement of Business One Time (within180 days of Incorporation)
2 ADT-1 for First CA Appointment One Time (within 45 days of Incorporation)
DIN KYC of all the Directors (Upto 4 Directors) Yearly (by 30th April every year)
Return on payments due to Micro & Small Enterprises beyond 45 days Half yearly (In the month of April and October)
DPT-3 for Return of Deposits Yearly (by 30th June every year)
Disclosure of interest of Director (MBP-1) Yearly (by 30th April every year)
Issue of Share Certificates Event Based Compliance
Appointment & Resignation of Directors Event Based Compliance
Transfer of Shares Event Based Compliance
Appointment of MD/CEO Event Based Compliance
Change in the Registered Office Event Based Compliance
Change in the Authorized Capital/ Paid-up Capital Event Based Compliance
Issue/Allotment of Shares Event Based Compliance
Change of name and Main objects of the Company Event Based Compliance
Charge Management, upon taking secured loan from Event Based Compliance
Financial Institutions Event Based Compliance
Providing draft Resolutions for various events and meetings Event Based Compliance
Changes in DIN Event Based Compliance

Board Meetings

  • Every Company needs to hold certain Board of Directors Meeting in an Year (i.e. usually 1 in every Quarter)
  • Every Company is required to maintain proceedings of the Meeting in Minutes book every year
  • Issuing Notice & Agenda.
  • Board meeting to be held.
  • Maintain Proper Attendance.
  • Maintain Proper Minutes

There are around 7-8 Mandatory Statutory Registers under Companies Act, which are to be maintained by Every Company irrespective of size of Business operation.

The Share Certificates are to be issued by the Company, within 60 days of incorporation to the respective first shareholders in the 1st Board Meeting.


  • AGMs to be held for every financial year
  • First AGM to be held within nine months from the date of closing first financial year
  • Subsequent AGM to be held within six months from the date of closing of the next financial year

Compliances required in an AGM:

  • Notice & Agenda forAGMmeeting
  • HoldAGM
  • Maintenance of Attendance Register
  • Minutes of the Meeting to be maintained